UOL Relief’s Ramadan Food Drive 2023

Every year UOL Relief, a social project of University of Lahore, fulfills a duty to the needy by providing food packs during the month of Ramadan. The main objective is to support the vulnerable and to eliminate the threat posed by hunger.

The assessment, organization and packing of goods is done entirely by volunteers, comprising of students, who utilize their free time and breaks between classes to offer their services to UOL Relief. This fulfills another aim of UOL Relief, that is, to engage students in similar drives and philanthropic activities, in order to instill a sense of responsibility and empathy in them, and to stir the desire to help others. The contents of the Ramadan Food Packs are listed according to need and consumption for a medium sized family, and contain essentials like oil, sugar, flour, tea, rice, pulses and dates. Particular attention is paid to the dietary habits of the people that differ according to various regions.

For beneficiaries, UOL Relief conducts evaluation and surveys in remote areas of Northern Pakistan and Punjab, namely Gilgit, Chilas and Skardu in Gilgit- Baltistan; Balakot and Shangla in KPK and Lahore in Punjab. Community mobilizers, mostly alumni belonging to the aforementioned regions, are engaged for this task. Moreover, the organization’s education and health wings work in these areas all year round which helps in identifying the most vulnerable members of the community especially orphans, widows and the handicapped. UOL Relief particularly focuses on the neglected valleys in the North that are hard to reach and thus have little access to good nutrition and health facilities. A special team of volunteers, trained to trek across the mountainous terrain, carry out the door-to-door distribution.

The organization also provides Eidee (Eid gifts) in the form of new clothes for men and women. The philosophy is to give what we buy for ourselves and to help others share the joy and happiness of Eid, like every one celebrating. Clothes are neatly packed with enthusiasm and labelled with love by the volunteers.

Alhamdolillah, this year, UOL Relief has distributed Ramadan Food Packs and Eid gifts worth more than half a million rupees. The team owes this success to generous donors, hardworking and selfless volunteers, and efficient community mobilizers.

Nourishing The Impoverished On Eid-Ul-Adha 2023

The ritual of Eid-ul-Adha is a celebration and a reminder of a Muslim’s obedience to Allah’s divine will. The occasion commemorates the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim to sacrifice his son and also emphasizes the importance of charity.

Since 2015 UOL Relief takes this opportunity every year to contribute to the less fortunate communities. In order to help fulfil the religious obligations of several Muslims from all around the world, the organization shares their gratitude and faith in the form of sacrificial meat with those who are most deserving of our humanity and mercy. Particular attention is paid to individuals and families from Northern Pakistan, that do not have access to nutritious food or cannot afford meat through out the year. The goats and cows are purchased from local shepherds, which results in uplifting their economic well-being.

In June 2023, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, cattle (15 cows, 7 goats) worth 2 million rupees were bought, and sacrificial meat was distributed by UOL Relief’s community mobilizers to the most deserving families in the following regions of Northern Pakistan:

1. Muhammad Ali, Daghoni. District Ghanche, GB
2. Muhammad Hasnain, Danyore and Gilgit City, District Gilgit, GB
3. Muhammad Hafeez, Bunardas, GasBala, and Fairy Meadows, District Diamer, GB
4. Farzand Ali, Wahab Khel, Kotkay and Alpuri, Shangla, KPK
5. Basharat Gul and Muhammad Ali, Khaplu, GB