Overview Emergency Relief

Since the earthquake of October 2005, UOL Relief has been responding to every calamity and natural disaster that has hit Pakistan, providing immediate relief to affected communities in different areas of the country.

In the times of crisis whether it is man-made or natural, most important thing is to provide an emergency relief. This might be in shape of emergency shelter, access, clothes or other basic necessities of life. And for this purpose UOL Relief initiated a club named as “Search and Rescue Club” which is fully equipped with knowledge and expertise of disaster management in the bad times. And also UOL relief working over a decade to assessing in a very methodical manner the needs of the areas, organizing the efforts and then delivering the services to the doorstep in a respectful manner as per the norms of the local area.

Earthquake Balakot 2005

Morning of 8th October 2005, a rude shaking of the buildings in Lahore brought students out of the classrooms in a scramble and after few minutes they were back to normal. In next one hour there were confusion of telephone…

Next day students started to pour in to the administration offices and started asking if they could take few days off to help the victims of the Earthquake, or if University was doing anything about it. In next two days, disarrayed and disorganised efforts which was actually creating more trouble than solving the previous ones were popping up. This is when few in the University decided to organise a proper Relief effort. With the spirits of the students sky high, just in four days, by 12th October 6 trucks loaded with large tents and food boxes packed by the students were all ready to leave for the major hit town of Balakot.

UOL Relief Supports 5000 Displaced Families Of Turkiye-Syria Earthquake

On 6th February, 2023,  a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Turkiye and Syria, causing 47000+ casualties, 125000+ people to be injured and more than 26 million people to be displaced. Almost 3000 buildings including hospitals and apartments were demolished.

Being equipped with the experience of providing emergency relief, and realizing the needs of the affected communities, UOL Relief decided to extend a helping hand to Turkiye. After assessing the damage, the extent of devastation, a strategy to provide humanitarian aid was charted out, and measures were taken accordingly.

In the first phase, the organization arranged supplies for temporary shelters that included 1000 tents, 300 sleeping bags, and 20,000 blankets. Moreover, keeping the dietary habits of Turkish people in mind, 10,000 packets of pasta (macaroni) were also arranged for the earthquake victims.

UOL Relief executed the second plan to supply warm clothing, bedding and 5000 food packs containing dry edibles to the brothers and sisters in Turkiye and Syria. For packing purposes the University designated an area where the goods were received, stored and packed with the help of volunteers. Alhamdolillah, the biggest challenge of packing 5000 boxes of food was accomplished by hard working volunteers who worked 24/7 for the cause. Mostly students, young boys and girls spent their free time and breaks between classes in helping UOL Relief with the process. For the shipment of the 5000 packages, the Commissioner of Lahore gratefully offered facilitation.


      In the times of crisis whether it is man-made or natural, most important thing is to provide an emergency relief.