Teachers Training Program

Tattu, Gilgit-Baltistan

Teachers from Government Middle School, Tattu were trained in Lahore for one month. Mr Shakoor and Mr Ejaz were given training on classroom management and underwent study sessions of various subjects alongside the students. They studied Biology, English, Urdu and Chemistry and observed the teachers teaching in Lahore.
They were also instructed regarding past papers, testing, evaluation and preparation of students for the board exams.
A follow up was made in April right before the students were to appear for their exams. Ms. Humaira Bhutto and Ms Maimoona Imtiaz visited Tattu Village and evaluated tests conducted, assessed the student’s preparation and conducted past paper sessions with the students.
The year 2022 has been fruitful with launching of new projects and upgrading of previous ones.

Facilitating Teachers of Tattu, 2020

UOL Relief adopted the Government Middle School Tattu in 2008 and has been consistently working to improve the standard of education. To further facilitate the educators, teacher training programs were initiated in January, 2020. The school teachers visited the Lahore Campus of University of Lahore, for basic teacher training sessions.
Later, under the supervision of UOL Relief the second phase of the teacher training program at Tattu School was carried out on 15th October, 2020 by Ms. Humaira Bhutto, Ms. Mamoona Imtiaz, Mr. Waqar Azeem and Ms. Farah Mahmood. Over a span of 10 days, the teachers of the school were trained on campus, under the guidance of professional trainers and skilled teachers who volunteered to share their expertise. The focus was to equip the local teachers with effective strategies and skills for implementation in the classroom. The on-campus training conducted by our trainers in the second phase was deliberate so that teachers had a hands on experience within their own academic environment. It also proved beneficial for our team of experts who evaluated what the school teachers had retained previously from the first training, and whether they were able to implement that knowledge successfully. The team also got the chance to assess other weak areas for future training program.

The UOL Relief Trust has been committed to the cause of imparting education and community development for about 2 decades.  Teachers are the most essential resource in the classroom and are a catalyst for changing the shape of a community. Therefore, UOL Relief focuses on serving communities by training the ones who steer and shape them: teachers.

In the mission to raise educated populations living in remote areas, the organization conducted two teacher training sessions for the teachers of Gilgit-Baltistan previously, but the need for a more comprehensive and extensive training was felt, resulting in the three-week Residential Teachers Training Program 2023. The one of its kind program accommodated 31 teachers from various parts of Gilgit- Baltistan and KPK, at the University of Lahore campus where the trainings were held.

The program was designed to fulfill basic teacher training needs with the following objectives to:

  1. Equip teachers with basic pedagogical skills
  2. Enable teachers to acquire an understanding of child psychology
  3. Develop positive attitudes towards teaching
  4. Boost self confidence and esteem in teachers
  5. Enable teachers to make proper use of instructional facilities and available resources
  6. Encourage community work and create awareness about social responsibilities.
  7. Inculcate self – awareness

The training sessions, divided over a period of 21 days, were conducted by experienced and professional trainers. UOL Relief also collaborated with Cornerstone School where teachers had a hands-on-experience of learning and presenting in a real classroom environment. Several aspects were covered including:

  1. A – Z of Teaching
  2. Lesson Planning
  3. Importance and Practicality of Making Timelines for an Academic Year.
  4. Self-Reflection – Psychological Session
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Specialized Subject Wise Training
  7. Health, Hygiene and First Aid
  8. Discussions with Educational Leaders and Psychologists
  9. Learning through Recreational Visits

The positive response and turn out of trainees from different regions of Gilgit- Baltistan such as Hushe, Arandu, Daghoni and Tattu has been encouraging and UOL Relief looks forward to more participation in the future.

With this endeavor, the UOL Relief Trust aims to enhance the level of education in underprivileged northern regions of Pakistan. It is hoped that the teachers and their corresponding students stand at par with any other educational institution and compete at any platform in the world.