Overview of education initiatives


UOL Relief’s education wing has been working since 2005 for educational development in different areas of Northern Pakistan. The development is carried out through various projects including adoption of schools, facilitation of already existing institutes, teacher training programs and sponsoring children.

Transforming Lives Through Education: UOL Relief’s Adopted Schools in the North

UOL Relief’s Education Wing was established in 2005 with the set up of a temporary tent school in the earthquake -hit valley of Balakot. UOL Relief worked endlessly to revive a state of normalcy amongst children who had lost their school building to the earthquake. Immediately after the disaster, a temporary tent school was set up on emergency basis and it continued to run classes (primary to higher secondary) till the government established a new one.

It was after this experience that the team of UOL Relief realized that change was directly related to literacy, and that in order to alter the future of communities it was important to sow the seeds of education. For the uplifting of communities, and for long term prosperity, it became increasingly essential to eliminate the darkness of illiteracy.

Since then, UOL Relief has adopted several schools in the region of Gilgit- Baltistan. The organization has invested in infrastructure, resources and engaged less privileged school going children through Sponsor a Child Program.


Lower Middle School Tatu

We would like to draw your attention towards the devastation caused by flash floods in a very remote area of Pakistan that still lies unnoticed and abandoned by the Government of Pakistan and the news media.
The University of Lahore (UOL) Relief Team visited the area after getting a distress call from a local member of the community named Qari Rehmat Ullah

You may kindly note that The Trekking Team of UOL has been to the area many times in the past and has developed strong ties with the community there.

The village of Tatto is located in the Himalayas near the foothills of Nanga Parbat. This village lies along the Raikot Nalla which emerges from Raikot Glacier. This year due to unusually heavy monsoon rains, the Nalla caused immense damage to the village of Tatto, which already is a very poor community.


Daghoni College, Daghoni, Gilgit-Baltistan

During the relief efforts in July 2022, the team of UOL Relief visited Balghar, a small village in Tehsil Doghni, District Kharmang, in Baltistan region . It was observed that although the college in Daghoni was built by the government, it lacked lacked teachers and facilities necessary for education.

UOL Relief stepped forward and decided to provide higher secondary education in Daghoni by appointing teachers and providing a conducive learning environment for students to prepare them with the skills for the future. The team of UOL Relief’s education wing visited the area on 3rd August 2022 for the purpose of recruiting teachers. Almost 36 teachers applied, out of which 6 were selected based on their qualifications and teaching experience.

Hushe, Gilgit-Baltistan

Lower Middle School Tatu

To ensure that children of remote valleys get access to quality education, it is crucial to train the teachers of that region. By equipping them with modern teaching methodologies, subject knowledge, and classroom management skills, UOL Relief believes that teachers are able to establish an improved learning environment. For this purpose the organization took to training teachers of Hushe and Tattu in 2022.

Government School, Arandu

Director UOL Relief and field work specialist, Ms Farah Mahmood conducted the first visit to Arandu, Gilgit-Baltistan. She identified the small village of 150 homes as a place that needed urgent educational support especially since no female had ever received any education from the area. A temporary tent school was being run by Mr. Sajjad since May 2020.