Infrastructure Development Projects

Gas Bala, Diamir 2010-11

These villages are also located near Chillas. It is a low-lying area. The winter is not as severe as in Tatu.
UOL Relief constructed 107 houses at Gas Bala & Shina Nalla. The houses were built with wood and stone. According to the weather conditions and requirement of the area the wood was used as supports for stone in making the walls. This also works as ‘shocks’ during earthquakes to reduce destruction and death. The main difficulty that was faced during construction projects is the movement of wood. By law the wood cannot be moved or transported without prior permission from the DCO or the relevant authority in the area. However, UOL Relief has been successful in this after very hard work.

Reconstruction Houses 2011

n 2011, where the country did not face any national catastrophe, UOL Relief while working in the area saw a tragedy unfold. Overnight an artificial dam formed on the river at Talis near Khaplu; and it started to swell up. Local youth stood near the dam keeping an eye on the flow.
As it burst they started raising alarm on bugles which alerted the people of the village. Unfortunately two of the deaf inhabitants of the village lost their life but generally there was no other loss of life. With almost all of the houses lost in this mud flood, UOL Relief took upon herself the responsibility to construct over 40+ houses beside giving them cooking utensils and other basic necessities of life.